Why Contact a Pro?

What do you consider when you contact a professional dominatrix?


Youth, beauty, experience, reliability, punctuality, reputation….   Indeed, that is what you should look for.  You want to get someone who is experienced in the many facets of BDSM.  Some of the worst things that can happen is that you get a session that does not meet your expectations, ends up leaving you hurt, or broke.


You should consider contacting a ‘pro’ when you’re looking for someone who is not your wife or significant other to explore your fantasies with.  Things that your partner would never try with you, or be freaked out by it.


Many ask, why should I pay?  Why not?  Everyone has to work.  You don’t give your services-time for free, and neither do I.  My services come with many years of experience ~ over 10 years.  In all seriousness, I’ve pretty much seen everything.


When you contact a ‘pro’, don’t start with the “I just want to be a service slave”!  Believe me, I have plenty of guys and some women who are more than willing to wash my panties, cook for me, feed my dog, etc, etc…  Service slaves aren’t a one or two time thing.  This is a privilege that needs to be earned thru repeatability, punctuality, and experience at hand.


In all seriousness, you get what you pay for.  Trust me, you don’t want to skimp on experience – most of all.  I’ve heard horror stories that have left some submissives in the hospital.  Bottom line, not everyone is a pro.  However, ever since “50 Shades of Grey”, everyone is a domme now.  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.  A good whip and a little latex doesn’t make a domme.


In order to be a good domme, you need to be a member of lifestyle clubs, work/train with other dommes, and always keep safety and cleanliness at the utmost importance.  Seriously, many of my clients bring their own toys.  This way they can ensure that they are disinfected properly.  If you play with a domme who uses her own toys, make sure they are sterilized and cleaned properly to avoid any infection.


If you follow these simple steps and research your market thoroughly, you will ensure yourself a good, kinky time.




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