I met Jade two years ago, she had me meet her at a local restaurant,when we met we hit it off right away. This was not the Domme side of her, which is always there whether you like it or not, it was the fun social side of her. We spent at least two hours talking and enjoying each other’s company. At the end of the night I was hers, I told her we needed to session, she said yes and we scheduled.

The following Saturday night we met at the same place, chatted and headed to her play space. During the session, I found her place neat, clean and well equipped. She had me undress while she went and changed, and when she returned, wow! (look at the pictures dummy!) She proceeded to cuff me to a pole, and boy was she good. I was never a pain freak but her pain was so good. I totally was into being under her control (still am and always will be). She spanked me using various crops, whips and even feathers. Every so often just rubbing me. Then she un cuffed me and we sat down rested.

After a brief period, she used some close pins, you all know where. The evening ended with a very hot golden shower. She loves giving them, and now I am totally into them.
In our next session, we tried other things, needles then even electric. I was never into these before, in fact terrified with needles, but for her I did it. I cannot say no to her.
Now I have never been into strap ons, but for her I was. She took my cherry one day. I am hers now, will never need another Domme, see her for yourself.



“Simply put, I cannot imagine a better domme than Mistress Jade, and trust me, I have a very vivid imagination so that’s quite the complement. As far as I am concerned, I need look no further for the perfect domme for me (I am a masochist and love CBT, CP, and other BDSM) and I am eager to go back for more.

Mistress Jade is classy, intelligent, clearly enjoys doing her handiwork, and is extremely talented at doing so. She has a clean well equipped dungeon and a very client friendly setup. But it’s not just that she has lots of toys or a nice dungeon – anyone can buy a bunch of whips, bondage devices, CBT toys, etc. and call themselves a domme. It’s what she DOES with the toys and equipment and how she treats you that makes all the difference.

Mistress is first class all the way and if you are lucky enough to spend some time at her mercy, I have no doubt you’ll agree.”


a VERY satisfied client

As I write this, I am very annoyed but doing it because she has told me to. I have no affection for the lifestyle unless it involves her. She has made me do things I would never do for anyone else. I am afraid at some point she will command me to do something that I strongly oppose and I am not sure how I will react. She has taken an almost straight vanilla man and turned him into a submissive in only two weeks.

I have only known her for two weeks and have been on an emotional roller coaster ever since. Sometimes I am not sure I can continue to see her because I see her as another woman I want to conquer but know I can not have her. I am a normal man who has always been in charge and I can not figure out my own behavior or why I do the things I have done for her. No one who knows me would ever believe the following things and sometimes I don’t. I alternate between thinking she is the most wonderful woman I have met and then wishing that I had never met her. In any event, she is one of the most memorable women I have ever met and will be impossible to forget. I am beginning to think that she is manipulating me in ways that I do not understand right now and am afraid of future demands she may make of me. I know I can walk away but there is something that keeps pulling me back. I hope she appreciates me because it would be emotionally devastating to be submissive to someone who did not care. Sometimes I really don’t know what I want from this relationship but I keep coming back. I am not a worm without an outside life I am married with a family. I am highly educated and a decorated combat veteran. My pride and her power are constantly in conflict. I have not slept well in two weeks because I want to walk away but I don’t. I am not sure that I will be able to do what she expects of me but I know I probably will try.

The first time I contacted my Mistress was on a lark. I was bored and looking for something to occupy one night. I had played before with one pro dome and it was fun but it was basically me telling the domme what I wanted to do. The first time I saw my Mistress I was stunned. She is obviously beautiful but she walks with confidence and pure sexuality. I was struck by her intelligence and drive. Not knowing what Mistress would look like or whether we would click, I originally had only planned a ½ hour session for foot worship – I soon asked if we could session for an hour. What legs and toes! What a foot slut I have become for her. To suck her toes while looking up her skirt is such a frustrating sexual experience. To watch her walk and dance is pure sex and desire. Our first night was just getting to know each other but I was hooked.

Our second session two days later was such a change. I requested nothing – I submitted. I was in a different place and time. I wanted her toes; I wanted her to flog me harder. Her smiles, her laugh made me feel like no other woman. She had asked at one time if I had ever played with needles. I had not and had not desire to! The needles came out that night and she told me she was going to pierce my arms. WTF?! This is more than I had bargained for but I submitted. I am NOT a pain puppy. I hate doctors, hospitals, and needles but I sat. What a combination that pain, beauty, sex, and words of approval make for – surreal. I went home and rubbed my arms and had an instant erection.

Our third meeting was two days later – I was now addicted. I had told her I was claustrophobic with a particular distaste of handcuffs from a previous experience in a Mexican jail. That night the handcuffs came out – she did not ask. How did she know I would submit? I don’t know. I don’t know why I did not use my safe word. I now trusted and submitted. I was also put in the locked cage while she heated wax to remove the hair from my genitals. Absolute terror! I listened to her heels on the floor above, begging her to return. At that particular point in time I was a little puppy waiting for his Mistress to return. Waxing was no fun but I submitted. After that it was time for more needles. This time it would be two arms and two nipples. God! What pain! I was out of my mind. I have had a 3rd degree burn and have been shot. Only those two things exceeded that. Where was my mind? Why did I let her do it? I could smell her hair – that was enough. I asked her that night if she would consider collaring me. She said yes. I now had the need to write and call her every day.

A week passed. I rubbed my sore nipples and had an erection. I alternately loved her and hated myself. Yes, I have strong feelings for her and they are both sexual and loving. It was a long week waiting to see her. We discussed a contract for submission. I questioned my own sanity. At our last meeting the sensations and time ran together. She placed me in the cage and I did not resist. She came in also and I sucked her toes and licked her legs. I would have died for her that night. She now had me. She waxed my genitals some more. When she went to get the wax I asked her to put me in the cage. That night she also pierced my arms and the head of my penis. I am now at the point that I think she is trying to turn me into a pain puppy. I don’t know if I like it or not – I do it for her. I don’t like the pain but as I write this and think about it, my penis has become hard. I do wish my Mistress would try different things with me but as a mark of my submission I never make requests. Although the thought repulses me, I have agreed to participate in forced homosexual acts if she so commands. The last night we sat on her couch and I held her while she dozed. No pain, no lust, no desire, just a warm feeling of wanting to protect and love her. The emotional roller coaster was in motion and has never stopped. I wish I could sleep.

I am waiting for our next session in two days. I am also waiting to review the contract and questioning whether I can live up to her expectations. Tonight I became sexually and mentally frustrated. I called and made an appointment to see an escort – I was going to prove to myself that I was still a real man and in-control of my desires and my life. On the way there I called and cancelled. I was in a terrible mood when I retuned home – I was disappointed in my manhood and mad that I have so submitted to a woman. When I opened my email I read the message that my Mistress commanded me to write this before 10 am the next morning. I was really angry and sat and pouted for a while. Initially I told myself I would not do it. As you can read, I did. At this time, I do not know whether my pride or my submission will win.


Cowboy Junkie



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