Paraphilia of the Day…

ALGOLAGNIA….what is it?  Ever hear of it?  Well, if not listen up….

Algolagnia is a fetish where individuals find sexual arousement when pain in administered.


If you’ve ever noticed, a male involved in a fight, who takes a blow to the face, his penis gets erect from the pain that has been administered.  Algolagnia is within those lines.


If you take a look at a lot of vintage fetish clips/videos, one will find that there is usually a fair amount of corporal punishment.  The Domme preys on the submissive to see how much he can take, knowing all well, the more pain, the more gain!

As a Domme, I can tell you….I’ve had some guys that have really impressed the hell out of me.  One guy could take 150 lashes, bare assed,with a single-tail until he was bleeding.  Keep in mind, he could have used that safe word at any time, but refused to.

Here’s what I think…I think people feel things differently.  Whether it be pleasure or pain.  The feelings aroused during those times have different meanings for all of us.  Basically, it’s not a one size fits all world.  There are many combinations to explore.

Have fun!

Mistress Jade



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